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Upper Fraser Fisheries Conservation Alliance


British Columbia

Our Story

The UFFCA is a First Nations Natural Resource Management Agency committed to developing technical capacity in Salmon Management, field science, habitat and TEK through a collaborative facilitated process covering the entire area of interest within the UFFCA territories. First conceived as an ad hoc body in 2001, the Upper Fraser Fisheries Alliance was formalized as an entity in 2004 as one of the founding participants in the National AAROM program.

The Upper Fraser Fisheries Conservation Alliance’s (UFFCA’s) primary objectives include working to further the fisheries and aquatic resource related interests of the Upper Fraser First Nations.

This is done each year through the development of an Annual Strategic Work Plan outlining priority objectives and the related activities to engage staff and contractors towards this end. It is then presented back to the community and stakeholders, in order to summarize the organization’s activities and outcomes for the year.

The UFFCA is committed to an open, transparent and accountable operating environment, focusing on a technical agenda; and to building cooperative and collaborative relationships amongst its membership and with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO).

The various tasks, purposes and products to which the UFFCA dedicates its resources have been allocated among eleven portfolios, which are reflected within the terms of reference to various contract positions within the organization.


Our mission is by utilizing the best in western science and TEK and with a common voice, the UFFCA will seek to influence all levels of government and the general public to rebuild salmon stocks and sustain fisheries for future generations.


Our vision is for abundant fish in a healthy aquatic ecosystem throughout the entire UFFCA area.


The UFFCA is available to provide technical support to 23 Indigenous communities in the Upper Fraser Watershed. For a full list see the UFFCA weblink: https://www.upperfraser.ca/members.html.


Key Activities include providing fisheries management and policy advice, advancing First Nations interests in activities within their respective territories, including Water Quality and Quantity monitoring, stock assessment etc., Incorporating Indigenous knowledge into everyday decisions such as fisheries and water management, environmental assessment processes and monitoring.


At the UFFCA we have an Executive Director, responsible for the administration elements and who reports to a Board of Directors representative of the 5 primary sub-watersheds that comprise the Upper Fraser Watershed. We have a fulltime Resource Management Biologist who provides on the ground support to the communities as well as engaging in broader processes dealing with fish management. We also have the following part-time positions: Strategic Policy Advisor, Stock Management Biologist, Project Biologist and communications coordinator and IT support person.


The UFFCA frequently partners with our member communities and DFO to implement projects that are of particular focus and interest to the conservation of salmon returning to the Upper Fraser including rights-based fisheries issues. Additional partnerships include the Northern Shuswap Tribal Council, Tsilhqot’in National Government and Carrier Sekani Tribal Council.