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The AAROM Hub website, hosted by the Mi’gmaq Wolastoqey Aboriginal Fisheries Management Association (MWIFMA),  is a platform to promote and showcase the skills and expertise within these Indigenous-led organizations (referred to as ‘AAROM departments’) throughout Canada.

On September 6, 2019, DFO released the Action Plan for the Renewal and Expansion of DFO’s Indigenous Programs that outlines the actions underway or planned to renew DFO’s Indigenous programs, including the AAROM program. Indigenous programs have reached key milestones for the ongoing renewal of the AAROM program, which includes supporting the launch of a new AAROM Hub website in partnership with the Mi’gmaq Wolastoqey Aboriginal Fisheries Management Association.

Did you know that there are 33 Indigenous led technical fisheries, aquatic resources and oceans management organizations located throughout the Atlantic provinces, south-eastern Quebec, British Columbia, and the Northwest Territories?

To learn more about the unique skills and services each AAROM department please see their individual page on our AAROM department profiles page.


This AAROM Hub is a resource for both AAROM departments as well as for potential partners (i.e. Indigenous communities and organizations, Federal, provincial, municipal governments, not-for-profits and charitable organizations, academe, and industry).

For partners, learn about each individual AAROM departments and their initiatives, receive guidance to help you partner or enter into agreements with AAROM departments and find other helpful links.

For AAROM departments, learn more about other AAROM departments and their initiatives, share resources, learn about best practices and find helpful links.


The Aboriginal Aquatic Resource and Oceans Management (AAROM) program supports Indigenous groups as they develop, grow and maintain aquatic resource and oceans management departments that can provide fisheries, habitat, science, and oceans related services along a watershed and/or support participation in advisory and co-management processes and decision-making tied to aquatic resources and oceans management.

AAROM sought to directly support collaboration and increase scientific, technical and advisory capacity within Indigenous organizations to help facilitate the move towards greater co-management of aquatic resources and the ocean environment. AAROM is unique among Government of Canada Indigenous programming in that it provides core and relatively secure funding for science and technical activities. The AAROM program however only provides funding for a core platform, which means that accessing other sources of funding is important for AAROM departments in order to conduct studies, projects and activities related to aquatic resource and oceans management to meet the needs of their member communities.

The Aboriginal Aquatic Resource and Oceans Management (AAROM) program is a Fisheries and Oceans program that supports these AAROM departments build and maintain scientific and technical capacity in fisheries, aquatic resources, and oceans management.