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Skeena Fisheries Commission


British Columbia

Our Story

SFC operates under the direction of our Commissioners, being hereditary title holders from each of our Member Nations, as well as a Deputy Commissioner who has been with the organization from its earliest days. SFC formally came into being with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding in 1990. It has never been incorporated under any provincial or federal law.

Highlight Project

SFC and its Member Nations work together to ensure that the Member Nations have input into all fisheries management plans affecting the stocks to which the Member Nations have Aboriginal rights. Similarly, any development plans either inside or outside of the Member Nations’ territories that have the potential to affect fish (or their habitat) to which the Member Nations have Aboriginal rights attract the attention of SFC in support of protecting those Aboriginal rights. SFC technical staff work with Member Nations to develop and implement robust scientific research programs to monitor and manage aquatic resources in their territories. We also provide technical support to Member Nations to assess the effects of proposed industrial development in their territories. SFC Biologists provide technical comments and critiques of various fisheries and environmental policy and science initiatives brought forth by both federal and provincial government departments and industrial project proponents alike. In 2018, SFC was contracted by the National Indigenous Fisheries Institute to help develop technical capacity and projects for the Norway House Fishermen’s Co-op based in Manitoba. Activities on this project include identifying existing capacity and capacity gaps, review of existing fisheries issues and data gaps, assisting the Co-op in identifying priority research topics, and designing and carrying out a research program. SFC is involved with several water quality monitoring programs throughout the middle and upper Skeena and Nass River watersheds. Activities and responsibilities on these projects include analyzing existing data from water quality monitoring activities and developing recommendations for future monitoring priorities.


Gitxsan Nation
Gitanyow Nation
Wet’suwet’en Nation


∙ SFC Technical Committee – Facilitation of discussions for Member Nations at Tier 1 and Tier 2 levels to exchange information and analysis on fisheries science and management issues ∙ Support to Member Nations in bilateral discussions with government ∙ EA processes and scientific support ∙ Hydroacoustics ∙ Environmental Baseline Assessments ∙

Internal Capacity

  • President
  • Communications Specialist
  • 4 Biologists
  • Legal Support


  • Member Nations
  • DFO
  • First Nations Fisheries Council
  • Pacific Salmon Commission
  • Skeena First Nations Technical Committee