Okanagan Nation Alliance


British Columbia

Our Story

“The conservation, protection, restoration, and enhancement of indigenous fisheries (anadromous and resident) and aquatic resources within Okanagan Nation Territory.”

The Okanagan Nation Alliance established a fisheries program in established in 1995 under the direction of the Chiefs Executive Council and member communities to take a role in the management of fisheries and aquatic resources. Under the long standing leadership of the Chiefs and Councils of our member communities and the Colville Confederated Tribe Business Council(CCTBC), formally undertook their responsibilities and obligations to their lands, waters and peoples to restore the Okanagan Sockeye Salmon back to the Columbia River systems.

On a watershed level, the Okanagan Nation Territory includes the Okanagan Basin, the Similkameen Basin, and the Kettle Basin, as well as portions of the Columbia Basin (Columbia River and Arrow Lakes) and Thompson Basin (Shuswap River and Salmon River). The ONAFD works to provide technical fisheries assistance for the Nation and its seven member Bands and acts as a liaison with federal and provincial fisheries agencies, NGOs, and corporations.

The ONA has built its capacity through the employment of highly qualified personnel, continuous professional development of existing staff, and relationship building with qualified professionals and sub-contractors. This has ensured that projects are completed to meet and exceed scientific and administrative quality standards. The ONA has accrued a great deal of experience in managing projects and now supports programs and projects ranging in budget from thousands to 3 million dollars. These projects are the result of solid working relationships, which have been formed with various partners including: provincial/state and federal government agencies in BC, Canada, and Washington State; local Bands; industry and non-government organizations.

Pauline Terbasket, ONA Executive Director

101, 3535 Old Okanagan Hwy

Westbank (C.-B.) V4T 3L7

Téléphone : 250-707-0095

Sans frais : 1-866-662-9609



Okanagan Indian Band
Upper Nicola Band
Westbank First Nation
Penticton Indian Band
Osoyoos Indian Band
Lower Similikameen Band
Upper Similkameen Indian Band
Colville Confederated Tribes


∙ Habitat Restoration ∙ Environmental and Species Monitoring ∙ Conservation Hatchery ∙ Fish Laboratory Services (disease testing, etc.) ∙ Food Fish Harvest ∙ Economic Fisheries ∙ Harvest Management ∙ Education and Outreach ∙

Internal Capacity

45 full-time staff:

  • 22 biologists
  • 7 certified technicians
  • 4 policy /support staff
  • 30-45 seasonal technicians


  • Department of Fisheries and Oceans
  • Ministry of Forests Lands Natural Resources Operations and Rural Development
  • Public Utility District of Chelan
  • Public Utility District of Grant
  • First Nation Fisheries Council
  • BC Hydro
  • Okanagan Basin Water Board