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Mi’kmaw Conservation Group



Our Story

The Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq is a Tribal Council incorporated in 1986 as a not-for-profit organization under the Societies Act of Nova Scotia. Starting with a team of two staff members, almost thirty years later the organization is supported by more than sixty employees. Our mission is, “to proactively promote and assist Mi’kmaw communities’ initiatives toward self-determination and enhancement of community”. . From its main office, located in the Millbrook First Nation, The CMM delivers a variety of community programs and advisory services to First Nations communities in Nova Scotia. The staff consists of a team of professional First Nations experts who bring unique Mi’kmaw perspectives to current issues. As a not-for-profit organization, The CMM receives financial support from various government departments (federal and provincial), as well as from the private sector. The CMM uses this funding to support programs and services primarily to its eight member-communities. The governing body of The CMM is made up of the Chiefs of the eight member-communities.

Aquatic life, and specifically the Bay of Fundy Watershed, is historically significant to the Mi’kmaq. From feeding our communities healthy food, to the spiritual significance of species like the American Eel and Atlantic Salmon in ceremonies and feasts, the bounty of our oceans and streams and the protection of their habitat have always been at the forefront of our minds. Prior to European contact, Mi’kmaq travelled and lived throughout the Bay of Fundy Watershed. The environment, natural resources and waterways provided all the necessities of life. Netukulimk is a way of life; the Mi’kmaw took only what was needed and wasted nothing. It was considered an honor to receive these gifts from Mother Earth and was the foundation of the spiritual connection between the Mi’kmaq and the natural environment which has endured to this day. Today the Bay of Fundy Watershed, which was once so familiar, has changed due to commercial use, population growth, pollution and global warming. The Mi’kmaw Conservation Group will endeavor to take on these and other challenges to fulfill their mission… to promote and restore the concept and practice of Netukulimk in the Fundy Watershed; The Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq’s mission: to proactively promote and assist Mi’kmaw Communities initiatives toward self-determination and enhancement of community… The mission of The CMM and objective of the MCG fit together well. The CMM is pleased to have them as part of the family.

Highlight Project

Our Mandate is to restore the concept of Netukulimk in the Bay of Fundy watershed, this happens with the hard work, dedication and collaboration between our core staff and our member communities A few key projects are the East River Remediation project, Shubenacadie River monitoring, species at risk monitoring, culvert assessments and remediation projects, invasive species monitoring, and AFSAR Atlantic salmon monitoring. The key activities in these projects include but are not limited to: youth mentoring and engagement, community lead projects and hands on training and experiences, providing online educational games and tools in Mi’kmaw and in English, updated social media for projects and calls for volunteers, teaching and practicing Netukulimk in all projects, using Two-eyed seeing during all aspects of a project (from the idea, proposal writing, and hiring processes), school visit with hands on learning, maintaining two way communication with community leadership and members through our quarterly Advisory Committee meetings to inform project ideas, proposals and address any concerns. MCG’s Advisory Committee consists of two appointed representatives from each of our member communities.


Fort Folly First Nation
Millbrook First Nation
Annapolis Valley First Nation
Pictou Landing First Nation
Glooscap First Nation
Sipekne’katik First Nation
Acadia First Nation


∙ Research ∙ Education ∙ Community member capacity building ∙ Youth mentorship ∙ Stream remediation and restorations ∙ Habitat assessments ∙ Traditional Species monitoring ∙ Species at Risk monitoring ∙ Stock Assessments ∙ Plamu (Salmon) restocking ∙ Indigenous knowledge lead projects ∙ Hands on experience for youth and community members ∙

Internal Capacity

∙ Senior Director ∙ Administration Assistant ∙ Community Liaison Officer ∙ Communications Officer ∙ GIS Technician ∙ 2 Fisheries Biologists ∙ 3 Research and Education Officers Sr. and Jr. ∙ Commercial Fisheries Science Liaison Coordinator ∙ Data Entry Clerk ∙ Research and Field Technician ∙ Senior Fisheries Research Advisor ∙


∙ All Mainland Mi’kmaq Communities Tribal Chief and Councils ∙ Community Elders ∙ DFO ∙ AFSAR ∙ NSLC Adopt a Stream ∙ Dalhousie University ∙ Acadia University ∙ Parks Canada ∙ Cold Brook Fish Hatchery ∙ Cobequid Salmon Association ∙ Dalhousie University Agriculture College (Truro) ∙ Transport Canada ∙ Canadian Coast Guard ∙ Clean Foundation ∙ Ocean Tracking Network (OTN) ∙ Pictou Country Rivers Association ∙ Darren Porter Local Fisherman ∙ UINR ∙ Atlantic Council for International Cooperation (ACIC) ∙ Atlantic Salmon Federation ∙ Ecology Action Centre (EAC) ∙ Atlantic Water Network ∙