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A-tlegay Fisheries Society


British Columbia

Our Purpose

  • Assist and facilitate our Member First Nations in the preservation and exercise of their aboriginal fishing rights throughout their territories.
  • To regulate and administer those responsibilities incurred in the management of all marine resources and foreshores within the territories of its Member First Nations.
  • To assist its Member First Nations to enhance and protect all marine resources of their territories for the future benefit and livelihood of their citizens;
  • Under the direction of its Member Nations make representations to governments and organizations on behalf of the Society and Member First Nations with respect to all marine resources.
  • Administers a number of training, education and mentorship programs to our members, including; first aid, boat operations among others.

A-Tlegay’s office is in Campbell River, BC on the territory of the Wei Wai Kum First Nation. The Society is also funded by Fisheries & Oceans Canada through the Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy(AFS) and PICFI programs. The Society also has other projects with BC Hydro and other government agencies.

The AAROM program funds 3 biologist positions. Other positions in A-Tlegay include: Administrator; Bookkeeper/Office Assistant; Data Entry Clerk; Lab Tech; 8 Fisheries Techncians, Creel Observers. These positions are all funded through other sources of revenues and programs.

Highlight Project

In 2019, A-Tlegay held a training camp for youth between the ages of 11-14. All youth were from one of the member nations of A-Tlegay. This is the 6th year of the camp. In August, A-Tlegay offered the week long summer camp where youth learned about the modern science our technicians employed as well as traditional knowledge about our territories. In past years, summer camp participants have continued their interest and have joined A-Tlegay staff as summer student employees; others have returned as Fisheries Technicians and Environmental Monitors after completing school. By offering the camp to youth in our community we hope to build A-Tlegay’s capacity for the future.

The Training Camp consisted of: Crab Survey Techniques; Clam Survey Techniques; Beach Seining; Fish Identification; Traditional knowledge with Elder; and, Traditional salmon barbecuing.

As part of training, we also offered a River Wise Safety course. This course was offered through Destiny River Adventures where the participants were taught to be safe near and around water.


Ted Assu (We Wai Kai), Tony Roberts Jr. (Wei Wai Kum), Steven Dick (Kwiakah), Danial Smith (Tlowitsis), Nicole Rempel (K’omoks)


Wei Wai Kum (Campbell River) First Nation
We Wai Kai (Cape Mudge) First Nation
K’omoks First Nation
Kwiakah First Nation
Tlowitsis First Nation


  • Technical support – Biologists support A-Tlegay and Member First Nations
  • Design research programs
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Technical report writing
  • Participate in bi-lateral technical working groups
  • Make technical recommendations on fisheries management issues
  • Review Integrated Fisheries Management Plans
  • Provide technical guidance and advice upon request of the Member Nations


AAROM Supports:

  • 3 Fisheries Biologists


  • Member Nations
  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • BC Hydro
  • Centre for Aquatic Health Sciences
  • EcoFish Research
  • Laich-Kwil-Tach Environmental Assessments LP
  • Quinsam Hatchery
  • Campbell River Salmon Foundation
  • ‘Namgis First Nation
  • Geenways Lands & Trust